Commerzbank tower

Germany's tallest tower,  the Commerzbank - finished 1997.

Looking At The Giant

The Commerzbank tower use to be the tallest in Europe until the Truimph tower was built in Moscow, Russia.

All of Frankfurt

Frankfurt is one of only a small number of European cities with a sizeable cluster of skyscrapers in its downtown area, where the construction of high rise buildings is often not accepted due to the historical value of the existing buildings.  Frankfurt's center however was almost completely destroyed by bombing raids in the Second World War. Only a small number of landmarks have been rebuilt.


This lack of historical buildings allowed the construction of skyscrapers, which started at the end of the 1960s. The first generation of skyscrapers - mostly bland gray boxes - still met a lot of opposition, but nowadays the more attractive modern buildings are generally accepted. The current cluster of highrises has given Frankfurt such nicknames like Mainhattan and Chicago am Main.


This is one of the hundreds of beautiful buildings in Germany.


Germany's football (soccer) mens team.


The German flag.